Winter Beer Night!!!

Jan 10, 2019 — 12 pm

Winter Beer Night — January 10, 2019 at Barcade® in Jersey City, New Jersey

Join us, Thursday, January 10th as we celebrate WINTER BEER NIGHT!!!

Our tap list will we be a wintry mix of delicious strong, rare, vintage, and seasonal beers.

Donate a Winter Coat and get ONE FREE BEER per coat!!! (Limit three free beers per person. Additional coats are welcome! Not accepting light jackets or other types of clothing—just winter coats.)


Draft List:

Allagash Victoria 2014 – 9.0% – ABV – Belgian style Strong Ale brewed with Chardonnay grapes and aged at Barcade since 2014
Bruery The Bramble – 8.7% – Sour Ale aged in oak barrels with raspberry puree
Cascade Kriek Ale 2017 – 7.1% – A blend of sour red ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to 17 months with a combination of Bing and sour pie cherries
Founders KBS – 12.4% – Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee then aged in bourbon barrels
Kane Sunday Brunch – 9.2% – Imperial Porter brewed with milk sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, and coffee
Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme – 11.0% – Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels for a year with sour cherries and wild yeast
Port Santa’s Little Helper – 10.0% – Imperial Stout brewed with everything but the kitchen sink!
Rogue Santa’s Reserve – 6.0% – Amber Ale brewed with a “mystery hop” called Rudolph
Troegs Mad Elf 2016 – 11.0% – Belgian Strong Ale brewed with cherries, honey, and chocolate malts. Aged at Barcade since 2016
Victory Java Cask – 14.3% – Russian Imperial Stout brewed with hand-roasted coffee beans then aged in bourbon barrels

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