Barcade 15th Anniversary!!!

Oct 24, 2019 — 12 pm

Barcade 15th Anniversary Celebration — October 24, 2019 at Barcade® in Jersey City, New Jersey | poster

Please join us on Thursday, October 24th as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Barcade! The original Barcade opened way back in October of 2004 in a former metal shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 15 years later we now have 8 locations! To celebrate the occasion, we will be running a special tap list of rare beers.

We will also be playing a mix of our favorite Barcade songs of all time (which is not quite the same thing as our Top 200 of all time)

And we will be raffling off lots of Barcade merch and other goodies!!!


Abita French Quarter IPA = 7.0% ABV = Nearly last call for our latest exclusive collaboration with Abita.

Allagash Little Sal – 6.5% ABV – Sour Ale brewed with blueberries and aged in red wine barrels for 6 months.

Bell’s Double Cream Stout (Cask) – 6.1% ABV – American style Milk Stout.

Brooklyn Monster Ale 2011 – 11.8% – English style Barley Wine aged at Barcade since 2011.

Bruery Frucht: Cucumber – 4.5% ABV – Berliner Weisse brewed with cucumber. Bright, crisp, tart, and refreshing! 

Captain Lawrence St. Vincent’s Dubbel = 8.0% ABV = Long retired Barcade favorite, re-released JUST FOR THIS EVENT! 

Carton French Coffee – 12% ABV – Imperial Cream Ale brewed with coffee and aged in orange brandy barrels.

Cascade Fruitopian Noyaux 2017 – 9% ABV – A blend of sour triple and wheat ales aged for up to two years in oak wine and bourbon barrels with tangerine peel, blackcap respberries, and apricot noyaux.

Dogfish Head Immort Ale 2013 – 11% ABV – Brewed with peat-smoked barley, organic juniper berries, vanilla, and maple syrup, then aged in oak and re-fermented with English and Belgian yeasts. Extremely complex!

Founders KBS Imperial Stout 2015 – 12.4% ABV – “Kentucky Breakfast Stout” is a Russian style Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and coffee and aged in bourbon barrels.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale 2011 – 9.6% ABV – American style Barley Wine with flavors of caramel, dark fruit, and fresh hops.

Southern Tier “Oak Aged” Backburner Barley Wine 2013 – 10% ABV – American style Barley Wine aged in oak barrels with flavors of brown sugar, caramel, and fruity hops.

Springdale Fresh Boysen – 6.0% ABVGolden foeder sour aged with Boysenberries in red wine barrels for one year. 

Uinta Crooked Line Cockeyed Cooper 2013 – 11.1% ABV – Barley Wine with flavors of vanilla, dried fruit, and light chocolate.

Upland Peach – 6.0% ABV – Sour ale made with whole peaches and aged in white oak barrels.

Victory Rosé Monkey – 9.5% ABV – Belgian style Triple brewed with cherries and aged in chardonnay oak barrels.

Victory Rye Score 2.0 = 7.0% ABV = our latest exclusive collaboration! 

Weyerbacher 22nd Anniversary – 11.1% ABV – Scottish style Wee Heavy brewed with orange peel. Brewed in 2017 to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the brewery, this beer is a liquid version of a classic breakfast: French toast. 




Brooklyn: October 3rd
St. Mark’s Place: October 10th
Newark: October 11th
Los Angeles: October 16th
Philadelphia: October 17th
Chelsea: October 23rd
Jersey City: October 24th
New Haven: October 25th

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