Meatloaf-A-Thon 2 !!!!!

Feb 10, 2013 — 4 pm

Meatloaf-A-Thon 2


The time has come once again for us to throw down the gauntlet and ask WHO AMONG YOU WILL BEAT OUR MEAT?!?

Meatloaf-a-Thon is a charity Meatloaf cook-off that made its home at Barcade Jersey City last year.

It returns on Sunday, February 10th, at 4PM and we’re recruiting challengers and welcoming loaf lovers.

Dancing Tony will be hosting the festivities and heading up our judges panel.

All proceeds from Meatloaf-a-Thon donations will go to the Meatloaf Kitchen


Once the judges have had a crack at the loaves we will begin serving them to the masses. A ten dollar donation gets you a wristband that will allow you to sample the loaves in all their glory – and we’ll throw in some vegetables too!


Stop by Barcade and pay the $10 entrance fee (entrance fee means you actually show up day of and all fees collected go towards cash prizes for the winners) or visit our online store – You’ll be asked to leave an email address when you enter so the Fellowship of the Loaf can discuss particulars of the event with you.

Here’s the gist of the competition…

Entries must be in the shape of a loaf!
No loaf soup, no loaf burger, no loaf smoothie. Loaf loaf!

Hippies rejoice! Non-meat entries welcome this year!
Be advised, you will be judged against the animal protein loaves!

Entries are to be fully cooked prior to arrival!

Recommended size for entries is 6-9 pounds of loaf (making two small loaves is quicker than one large loaf) but must be no smaller than 3 pounds. Remember, the amount of loaf you show up with directly impacts how much money is raised for the charity.

We recommend disposable aluminum loaf trays. You may have a lucky enameled cast iron loaf pan, but it won’t re-heat very well on our sternos.

Lastly, if there are any questions, email – asking your bartender about meatloaf on a Saturday night is not the best source of information in this particular instance!

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