Bolero Snort 5th Anniversary!!!

Mar 29, 2018 — 12 pm

Bolero Snort 5th Anniversary Party — March 29th, 2018 at Barcade® in Jersey City, NJ

Please join us on Thursday March 29th as we celebrate Bolero Snort’s Fifth Anniversary!

Tap list includes –

Bolero Snort Cinnabull Delight – 10.1% ABV – Imperial Porter with flavors of cinnamon and vanilla.  Sorry, we will not be open for breakfast
Bolero Snort Doubull Stuffed – 9.5% – Oreos and beer? I thought you’d never ask!
Bolero Snort “Bourbon-Barrel” Happy Buck’n Anniversary – 9.5% – Imperial Porter aged in Four Roses bourbon barrels
Bolero Snort La Taureau Redux 2016 – 8.1% – Belgian style Tripel brewed with apricots
Bolero Snort Magically Bullicious – 6.0% – Ale brewed with milk sugar and marshmallow.  Again, we will not be open for breakfast!
Bolero Snort Moophoric – 8.1% – Imperial IPA has flavors of apricot, papaya, and peach
Bolero Snort Moosaic IPA – 5.5% – American style India Pale Ale
Bolero Snort Moountie Smoked Brown – 7.0% – Smoked Brown Ale with flavors of maple syrup
Bolero Snort On The Range – 10.5% – Imperial Stout tastes like s’mores
Bolero Snort “Kiwi” S.V.B. Strawberry Cream Pop IPA – 6.3% – American style IPA brewed with kiwi has tropical flavors of tangerine and sweet berries
Bolero Snort The Bull Abides – 10.5% – This White Russian inspired beer was brewed for “The Dude” in all of us
Bolero Snort The Herd 2017 – 10.5% – Belgian style Quad aged for one year at the brewery
Bolero Snort Thirsty Mutant Ninja Bulls – 6.0% – Brown Ale with pecans. caramel, and chocolate.  Cowabunga!
Bolero Snort Voyage of Bull Beard – 11.1% – Imperial Porter with flavors reminiscent of spiced rum

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